How to enhance Emotional Intelligence within organisations ?

  • Emotional Intelligence is now a core transversal skills in Agile, Design Thinking, Strategic personal development, Sales.
  • Increasing inequality is disrupting the glue of the society, with increasing polarising effects (see the values underpinning the raise of ultra-right wings in Europe, which, behaviourally speaking, cannot feel empathy and relate with some part of population, typically minorities and “unfitted”)

Emotional Intelligence and Unemployment

Intergroup Intelligence Bias — be kind with who can be perceived like you

Inequality shaping Emotional Intelligence ?

Addressing inequality within organisations to enhance emotional intelligence

  • adjust the curve of compensations and benefits between the people working in an organisation
  • create temporary teams, with rotations in memberships and functions
  • compulsory social service for employees, in favour of others (think that a CEO may clean your desk once a month, and that you could be exposed to the activities of the CEO once a month, and attend to decision making processes, travelling, meetings, understanding of responsibilities, etc.)

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Luigi Assom

Luigi Assom

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